Concluding Thoughts

I definitely enjoyed researching the topic of sexuality in games and the relationship that exists between the character, player and, camera. There is definitely a problem when it comes to representation of females in games but we have definitely come a long way from when games were first being created. Females are often sexualized and objectified and sometimes the only solution offered to fix the problem is to put more clothes on them or to just not portray sexuality in games at all. But this does not address the fact that there is a possibility that women like to be sexual. So sometimes it would be cool to see women in games be sexually confident but obviously it is a tricky thing to do in a world that is constantly sexualizing things. So my research has taught me ways to talk about characters and analyze them to see if whether or not they are a step forward in being able to portray sexual females who can potential be seen as “good characters” without being horribly objectifying. I would love to continue researching this topic and exploring the topic of female sexuality in video games and applying it to games and events.

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